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Testimonial Name Date Order Delete Edit It was Terrys first experience with Activus Transport and it was instant converted. The pick-up were like clock work. The Company was good and stops worked well with the bladder. the Outing and lunch and then the drop home was exemptional

Terry | 10th December

WOW, Everyone enjoyed the BBQ, plus Sheila’s special birthday cake + tiramisu. The setting up of the BBQ gear and serving our wonderful meal was A1 – no problem. It was extra special considering the virus issue at present. Thanks for another enjoyable day

Wendy | 11th November

Betty called to thank everyone for the Social Outing on the 3.11.2020, she would love to see more 'open air outings in 2021'

Betty | 3rd November

Remas said she social trip and enjoyed the company on the Social Outing Trip

Remas | 9th October

John the Driver provided an excellent service Gwen advised he is a 'True gentleman and wonderful human' She would like to make sure John receives this feedback and hope she gets him again

Gwen | 15th October

Marji called to complement the organisation and the T2E social outing, in particular, Lindsay for the tour as they were in-depth had had a great time

Marji | 29th September

Joan called to say she had a great outing yesterday down at Wollongong

Joan | 2nd September

Rita was just calling to let us know that she had a wonderful Outing on the Camden scenic and stated that they are always enjoyable

Rita | 24th August

Lynette and her husband used the service for the first time and wanted to thank Ray they were really please with his attitude

Lynette | 19th August

Called to say thank you for the Friendship bus

Liz | 20th July

Doris was so happy to see the bus she started crying she said it was so beautiful, it was nice to see us think of the seniors, she cant wait to see her friends

Doris | 3rd June

Was so surprised to see the bus, she's missing the shopping bus so thankful for us to think of her

Janice | 28th May

Pamela | 22nd May

How wonderful to see you, what a surprise! How special is this visit I miss the companionship on the bus - thanks for the visit!

June | 21st May

Thrilled to see us. Looking forward to the service starting back, impressed that we took the time to check on people

Dorothy | 21st May

Wanted to thank everyone at Activus for the service we provide, as Susanne was transported from the Metro Hotel at Miranda to Waratah Private Hospital and said Neil Hogan was a terrific Driver

Susanne | 24th March 2020

Jenifer has just finished rehab, and had been using us to attend for the last three weeks. She wanted to thank us for "providing such a wonderful service"

Jennifer | 2nd December

Elaine went on one of our Social Outing trip's, to Lunatiquesthe staff were very helpful, followed by lunch at Ramsgate RSL, had a lovely day out - Thank you!

Elaine | 29th July, 2019

Faye called to say she really enjoyed our Social Trip to St. Patrick's Green, the staff, venue and lunch was lovely, such a beautiful day

Faye | 23rd July, 2019

Rita said she really Enjoy the Social Outings. The Staff are fantastic always helpful. I enjoy the company. It's a life line, thank you

Rita | 6th June 2019

Eileen called to say she enjoyed ever trip with Activus. Also the staff on the bus are helpful and patient, thank you Activus Transport

Eileen | 30th April 2019

Wishes to thank everyone at Activus, she has let all her friends know about out services, June really appreciates the service we provide.

June | 15th April 2019

Called to say "Thank you" to the driver Keith, she had today, Cecily said he was so kind and helpful, she was very impressed!

Cecily | 10th April 2019

Rita called to say Tony in car 8 was lovely. When he picked us us for the appointment, he make us wait in the car until there was no traffic and walked both of us to the appointment, they were very happy with his service.

Rita | 20th March 2019

Nothing but praise for your company and service

Fred | 11th September 2018

City Tour tour was fantastic. Enjoyed seeing all the old houses. Peter & Jaci need a gold medal.

Val | 27th July 2018

Compliments to Peter and Jaci following a T2 outing. Museum and catering were great

June | 24th July 2018

Your drivers are always polite and helpful and always on time

Margaret | 11th April

We used the shopping bus to Southgate and the service was wonderful, happy with the driver and Assistants

Kamala | 10th April

I'm enjoying the company and he girls & guys are very helpful I'm glad that I joined with Activus

Elaine | 26th March

Everything was lovely, couldn't ask for more. The service and meals were really good at Como pub outing. The Activus staff treated us more than we could ask for, very helpful and kind

Grace | 26th March

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