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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Medical Transport

When you make a booking for transport to a medical appointment, we will ask you where it is, what time it is and how long you think the appointment will take. 

Clients are asked to contribute towards the cost of providing the service. The contribution is based on the distance travelled and will include additional expenses.

Social Transport

Individual outings may include visits to:

  • Entertainment/clubs 
  • Sport and leisure centres 
  • Art and cultural venues 
  • Relatives and friends at home or in nursing homes 
  • Hairdressers or beauticians  
  • Church and religious events 
  • Libraries 
  • Support group meetings 
  • Cemeteries. 

We will assist you to go to local shopping centres for your essential shopping needs such as getting your groceries, banking or visiting the post office.

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