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Please note pricing changes coming into effect on 1st September, 2019.

Published: Thursday 22nd August, 2019

We’ve given it a lot of thought and have created a fee structure that we believe is much fairer than our previous version. Our previous pricing system calculated fees based on a zone ie Sutherland, St George, City, etc. For example - If you travelled in the same zone it would be one flat fee – no matter how short; you would still be charged the same as someone travelling in the same zone and going a long distance. So now we charge a kilometre rate, which we believe is much fairer to you – our valued customer. 

Please find below links to each of our different fare schedules:

Commonwealth Home Support Customers (subsidised pricing)

Private Customers – Home Care Packages and Residential Aged Care Facilities

NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme

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