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Engadine Bowling Club Assisting Activus Drivers

Published: Tuesday 18th August, 2020

Engadine Bowling Club Assisting Activus Drivers

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Thanks to Engadine Bowling Club, through the generosity of the ClubGrants project, who have donated $4000 towards a National Driver Education Program.

Activus drivers will  be trained by a qualified Driving Instructor in the principals of fatigue insight and management, vehicle appreciation and safety devices, distractions, reversing and parking, hazard perception, intersection safety, night and country driving and eco driving.

Activus places the safety and comfort of passengers and drivers  as a top priority and the course will ensure drivers have greater insight into avoiding and recognizing potential hazards and accidents while gaining confidence in driving behaviours.  

Thank you to Chris Roberts, General Manager of Engadine Bowling Club who understands the benefits to the community of this important training.  Activus very much appreciates the generosity of this ClubGrant.

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