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Beach Wheelchair

Published: Tuesday 2nd October, 2018

Beach Wheelchair

Beach Wheelchair

Council has 2 beach wheelchairs available for community use. The Free Wheeler by Northcott is based at Cronulla Beach and the Hippocampe –All-Terraine wheelchair is based at Wanda. The chairs are free of charge, for short term loans and can be used on the sand and in the water. Beach wheelchairs provide people with the freedom to enjoy beach activities.


Beach wheelchairs are available 7 days a week from 8am to 4pm in summer and 10am to 2pm in winter.

Bookings are necessary and can be made online, or by contacting the Lifeguard Headquarters on 8522 2100.

Accessible parking

To use the Free Wheeler by Northcott Accessible parking is available at South Cronulla Beach in front of the Surf Life Saving Club. If you wish to use this space, please inform the lifeguard at the time of your booking so a permit can be arranged for you. Alternatively, you can drop your passenger off at this location and park elsewhere.

Using the wheelchair

When picking up the wheelchair a demonstration will be provided to you by one a  lifeguard.

For the safety and convenience of users and other beach goers, some conditions apply to the use of the wheelchair:

  • The beach wheelchair can only be booked during times when lifeguards are on duty.  
  • The maximum length of booking time is 4 hours per person.  
  • A carer must be present at all times.  
  • The lifeguard on duty will determine appropriate weather conditions for use.  
  • The user/carer has the responsibility to look after the chair at all times.  
  • The user and/or carer must read and sign the use policy before the beach wheelchair can be given to you.  
  • The user/carer must return the beach wheelchair to the storage facility and inform the lifeguard that it has been returned.  

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