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We provide affordable and reliable door to door transport, with assistance if needed to people who are unable to access mainstream transport due to mobility restrictions because of age or disability, reside in the Sutherland Shire and live independently.

Activus Transport Ltd, is funded by the State and Federal Government under the Commonwealth Home Support Program. (CHSP)

The service is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers who give their time and skills to provide individual and group transport services. Volunteers are a vital and very much needed part of our service and keep our transport service moving


Every volunteer has the right to:  

  • Work in a healthy and safe environment 
  • To be adequately covered by insurance 
  •  Be given accurate and truthful information about the organisation 
  •  Have the opportunity to be reimbursed with a petrol card for  undertaking a run 
  •  Be given a copy of  policies that affects  your work 
  •  Not fill a position previously held by a paid worker 
  •  Not to do the work of paid staff during industrial disruptions 
  •  Have a position description and agreed working hours 
  •  Have access to grievance procedures
  •  Be provided with orientation/induction 
  •  Have your confidential and personal information dealt with in  accordance with the principals of the Privacy Act 1988 
  •  Be provided with sufficient training to do your job


  • Be dependable, commit to the hours agreed and provide enough notice if your circumstances change. 
  • Be willing to learn; find out all that you can about your role and attend any training programs when they are offered. 
  • Be patient. If you are working with people who are aged or have special needs, allow them as much independence as possible 
  • Keep information confidential 
  • Work as part of a team


Activus Transport is committed to providing a safe and positive working environment in line with the NSW WHS Act 2011. This means that we must use reasonable care and follow policies regarding delivery of all aspects of Activus  service. Reasonable, means what a ‘reasonable’ person would do in the circumstances having regard to the person’s knowledge, the person’s role, the person’s skills and the information and resources available to them. Volunteers and Staff must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and also ensure they don’t affect the health and safety of others and that they comply with instructions given to them. Volunteers and Staff must adhere to all WHS legislation.


Any Incidents or Accidents must be formerly reported.  Staff will assist with this process.

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Activus has a work health and safety responsibility to ensure not only your physical health but also your mental health. Bullying, harassment and discrimination is covered in the WHS Act. Volunteers and staff also have a duty to ensure that their actions do not constitute a risk to their own health and safety or that of other people in the workplace.

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Staff and Volunteers have a duty of care to all Activus clients. All staff and volunteers are responsible for upholding the legal and human rights of all clients. Duty of Care involves:

  • Taking all reasonable steps to keep people safe
  • Staying within the scope of your role
  • Considering when harm/injury is foreseeable
  • Avoiding discrimination, violating rights or offending people
  • Maintaining privacy and confidentiality


One of the more difficult ethical dilemmas with which you may be confronted relates to boundary violations. This occurs when a professional worker or volunteer forgets that they are in a working relationship and not a friendship. Once this working relationship has been lost, there is then potential for the worker or volunteer to become over-involved with the client and potentially violate the client's rights.

Professional boundaries need to be observed to ensure that professional standards are maintained. Professional boundaries do not mean the avoidance of another person and their problems. Acting professionally assists you to deliver care to someone whom you may not like personally.

Signs of boundary violations

  • Spending more time with this client than others
  • Having very personal conversations with the client
  • Receiving calls at home from the client
  • Receiving gifts
  • Doing things for a client rather than enabling the client to do it for themselves

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Legislation is in place to ensure the privacy of client information gathered by community services. We count on our volunteers to help us maintain our clients’ privacy. In the time you are volunteering with us, you will come across personal information about clients and other volunteers. You are required to keep this information private at all times and breaches of this can constitute an offence under the law. However, where you have a concern about a matter that you feel needs further attention, you need to discuss it with your supervisor. This is particularly important where you believe the health or safety of a client is at risk.

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  Manual Handling with 8 basic steps to correct lifting techniques


I hereby confirm that I have read and understood and will abide by the contents of the this  Activus Volunteer and Staff Induction Program

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