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Judy took her first trip with Activus and she was very happy with her trip to the South Coast, very prompt service we provide.

Judy | 28 Oct 2017

Marjoie express her gratitude and thanks for the wonderful service given by Activus, keep the good work up!

Marjory | 27 Oct 2017

Dan said Bob was the best driver he had had and was very skilful and nice. Dan hopes to have Bob as a driver again and thanks him so much for being so kind.

Dan | 17 August 2017

Janet wanted to give feedback regarding her trip with Gary the car driver, Janet said Gary was very pleasant and helpful & made her trip pleasurable.

Janet | 31 August 2017

Jaci wasoutstanding with the client who recently had a fall and dislocated her shoulder. Jaci went in and got pillows to make the client comfortable. She was lovely and reassuring until the paramedics arrived.

Helen | 11 August 2017

Betty phoned and spoke with Sam to give compliments to the Activus Group, she said all of our drivers are lovely and courteous and she thinks our T2 outings are great!

Betty | 18 August 2017

Ailsa wanted to express her appreciation for Donna & Jan who assisted her with her booking. She said Donna was “amazingly patient” and Jan cared for her in the car and is an “extraordinarily caring person”.

Alisa | 1 August 2017

Activus service over this time and says everyone was always on time and there were never any problems.

Anthony | 27 July 2017

Peter the driver - knowledge of the area was an added advantage as he was able to tell everyone about their surroundings and history of the area. She mentioned how well Jaci & Peter work together and looks forward to many more trips like this one.

Pamela | 13 July 2017

Elaine phoned regarding her trip with Driver Russell who took her to Barden Ridge, she said he was just lovely and gave him a 100% rating.

Elaine | 3 July 2017

Gerringong trip to Gerroa Boat Fishermans Club extremely good trip and would love it to be a repeated!

Laurel and James | 20th March 2017

Good trip down to Wollongong Lighthouse

Val Nupier | 30th June 2016

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